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I really adore the visual style. Areas and NPCs look absolutely stunning. I have however an issue to the gameplay pace. It's very fast and dynamic, a bit in expense of precision.

I really loved this game, although I couldn't stop glitching and get past the first boss battle... I also made a video for it:

Anywhere for bug reporting? Playing on Surface, the X button doesn't work, so cant get the sword and can't play more than 5 mins :P

This is game is really well done, just a few minor issues here. Sometimes the game will force close  after act 3. Congrats on your successful kickstarter as well. I also did a video gameplay as well, but looking forward to the full release of game. 


I had a lot of fun with this game and the music is fantastic.


One of the best soundtracks for any game! Is there a way to download it?

So strange and wonderful, that the music for such a low-res game should be so beautifully arranged and played. I wonder if this whole thing isn't a ploy to get retro gamers into jazz.

Made a video 

I've played this on newgrounds and let me tell you I am very excited that this is available through Gameplay video coming soon.

The game is super slick and stylish! I really love the color palette and the animation, especially on Aine herself. I find myself wishing I could raise a pet Chompy forever.  Good luck with the Kickstarter. Looks like it's off to a great start! Can't wait to see more! 

Good luck with the Kickstarter! :)

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